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Crystal Necklace ✨ Lepidolite

Crystal Necklace ✨ Lepidolite

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Lepidolite is an incredible tool for personal transformation and steady serenity. It opens both the Heart and the Third Eye, helping us to travel farther and swifter on our spiritual path. It reveals what is blocking us from attaining success and happiness, and what we need to do in order to move forward. It gives us courage to leave old lives behind and to be reborn into something more beautiful. Lepidolite steadily pushes us toward our Highest Good, holding us steady during hard times, so that we can uphold our ideals rather than falling into an emotional mess. It encourages us to enjoy the present moment, rather than getting lost in the past or worried about what the future may hold. Lepidolite offers a constant reassurance that allows us to move through the ups and downs of life peacefully, knowing the only constant is change and that our fundamental self is both capable and loveable. Lepidolite protects us from negative energies and helps us to actively put forth positive energies into the world. It is also good for gardeners, of the soul or of plants, who tend with careful patience and do what is needed for health and abundance.

Custom made just for The Crystal Diva Sunshine Coast .

✨One off Unique Crystal Necklaces ✨

✨Sterling Silver 925 Chain 

✨ Ankh is 925 Sterling Silver with Amethyst 

✨ 24” Longer Length ( 70cm ) 

✨ Natural Lepidolite Crystal 

✨ ONLY 1 

✨ Velvet Care Bag included

 The Ancient Egyptian Ankh Symbol is known as the ‘ Key of Life ‘ . 🗝️It represents the concept of eternal life & the breath of life . The Ankh can be used as a portal or mirror🪞to the other side & can serve as a channel to the Divine. ✨
It is an Amulet of Spiritual Healing ❤️‍🩹 & is worn for good luck & protection. 🪬


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