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Crystal Crown πŸ‘‘ Watermelon Red Quartz

Crystal Crown πŸ‘‘ Watermelon Red Quartz

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Watermelon Red Quartz Crystal Crown πŸ‘‘Β 


Watermelon Red Quartz is a stone of love and joy. It helps us to stay fully present, heart-centered, and aware of the beauty of the moment. At such times, we may embody our Highest Self and begin to resemble a Laughing Buddha.

Tip - Use a bobby pin to clip each side of the headband to secure it for movement.Β 

Velvet Care Bag includedΒ 

We believe that a Crystal Crown is more than just a pretty accessory. It's a tool for spiritual, decorative, and ceremonial purposes. Our handcrafted pieces honour the body, celebrate life, and connect to the higher self

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